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Intervals up to one octave
The following are the intervals up to one octave. According to standard interval naming, each interval semitone span has two names - both are shown. Where appropriate, the diatonic names are given first, as they are more common ('diatonic' intervals are those produced by the major and minor scales - all others are 'chromatic' intervals). The name used for the interval depends on its context within the music - refer to musical theory books.

Because of the Balanced keyboard's regular and consistent layout, the physical key spacings of these intervals are the same across the whole keyboard. There are two mirror-image shapes for each interval, one for a bottom-row starting note and one for a top-row starting note.

Minor 2nd / augmented unison - 1 semitone

Major 2nd / diminished 3rd - 2 semitones

Minor 3rd / augmented 2nd - 3 semitones
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Major 3rd / diminished 4th - 4 semitones

Perfect 4th / augmented 3rd - 5 semitones

Augmented 4th / diminished 5th - 6 semitones

Perfect 5th / diminished 6th - 7 semitones

Minor 6th / augmented 5th - 8 semitones

Major 6th / diminished 7th - 9 semitones

Minor 7th / augmented 6th - 10 semitones

Major 7th / diminished octave - 11 semitones

Perfect octave / augmented 7th - 12 semitones


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